22mm Brushless Drive Kit

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The 22mm Brushless Drive Kit comes with two Rectified 22mm Brushless Drives, two 35A ESCs preprogrammed for bidirectional operation, and two power distribution boards. Choose between BLHeli_32 and AM32 ESCs. This means that all you have to do is solder the motors to the ESCs, wire in your battery, and plug them into your receiver to have a fully operational brushless drive for your Beetleweight.

Kit Contents:

Note about ESCs:

AM32 is a newer open-source software project meant to run on existing BLHeli_32 speed controllers. AM32 has shown great performance over blheli and works well on Rectified Robotics ESCs with Rectified Motors. BLHeli_32 is well known and most builders will be able to help you program and debug at events.

Note: If only running "Opto" ESCs (only two wires in PWM cable), you will need a BEC to power your radio receiver. We provide a powerful BEC here.


Battle Hardening Recommendations:

All motors come with Loctite applied. Loctite 263 is used on the motor gearbox interface, Loctite 243 is used to retain the 4 gearbox screws.

To remove the motor from the mounting plate it is recommended to use a heat gun to break the Loctite. Use a PH 1 driver.

If servicing, it is recommended that you use red Loctite 263 on the screws to secure the brushless motor to the adapter plate for maximum battle hardening. For Loctite to be effective you MUST wait the recommended cure time for it to set. Battle harden the motors the night before the event, not during the event!


Product may vary in look or color due to sourcing changes.

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