Micro BEC V2 2S-8S 3A

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Power your robot with confidence! Battery Eliminator Circuits (BEC) can improve reliability ensuring that your receiver always has stable power. We created this BEC with size and performance in mind. With a tiny 11mmx19.5mm form factor and the punch to power any receiver with up to 8S battery input voltage without issue. The Rectified Robotics BEC is a necessity for any serious combat competitors. This V2 version features overvoltage protection from surges and higher current output.



- 11mm x 19.5mm x 3mm

- 2S - 8S Input range (6.0V - 36V)

- 3A Peak Output Current (min 10s @ 16V input,10% duty cycle, 25C ambient)

- 5V Output

- Status LED

- Clear heat shrink to protect the BEC and exposed pads

- Output short circuit protection

 Current Derating with voltage:

Tested at 25C Ambient
Min 0.75A @ 36V input
Min 1.0A @ 25V input
Min 1.5A @ 16V input
Min 2.0A @ 10V input
Min 3.0A @ 6V input

Notice: For reliable operation, it is recommended that you cut the red wire to all ESCs to ensure that the only device powering your receiver is the BEC. If this is not done the internal BEC on your ESCs can back feed the BEC or vise versa causing excessive heating and potentially permanent damage. 

This product is not designed to drive large servos, refer to output current limits to avoid brownouts. This product may become hot if operating near current output limits.