22mm Brushed Drive

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The Rectified Robotics 22mm Brushed Drive has an all metal gearbox construction for efficient and robust operation. Pair this with an ESC with current limiting for a robust and fast drive system.

22mm Brushed Drive CAD File (STEP)

Planetary Gearmotor specifications:

- 22:1 All metal Planetary Gearbox

- 63g weight (40g just Gearbox)

- 800 RPM free spin @ 12v

- >1.0kgf-cm Stall torque @ 12v

- 2s - 4s Operating voltage

- 4mm Billet Output Carrier and Shaft with Flat (22m length)

Operating without current limiting can permanently this motor and will not be covered under warranty. Use caution when selecting an ESC. This motor has been validated with our DDC and can be continually stalled without issue.

Vex29- Not Recommended (No Current Limiting)

tinyESC - Acceptable (Current Limiting)

DDC - Recommended (Current Limiting)

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