Rectified Robotics DDC ESC

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Rectified Robotics DDC (Dual DC) ESC. Control 2 Brushed motors from one ESC!

Are you tired of hacked together solutions for Beetle and Ant weight brushed drive ESCs? Look no further, the Rectified Robotics DDC ESC is the perfect all in one solution for 2/4 motor drivetrains. With built-in mixing for arcade style drive, current limiting to save your stalled motors, and quick and easy setup, the DDC is the go-to solution.


This ESC is perfect for 22/25mm size brushed motors. Running 22/25mm motors to their stall current will permanently damage them! Protect your investment with our dual ESC! 


- 2s - 4s recommended operating voltages (6.5V - 16.8V Operating)    (25V ABSOLUTE MAX)

- 3.5A Peak current per channel (2A RMS per channel)

- 3.5A Current limit per channel

- Over-temperature protection

- Dual/Single channel operation

- 5V BEC (200mA current draw, with overcurrent and back drive protection)

- Onboard arcade mixing / Tank Drive / Single channel Mode(2x current support)

- Built-in jumpers for flipping channels, mixing modes, and calibrating PWM inputs

- Status LED for signal link

- Failsafe in both mixing and tank/single drive modes

- 25mm x 18mm size

- 3.6g


Ships with our power distribution board for easy wiring.

This product does not come with power connectors, they need to be purchased separately. Comes with Servo cables pre-soldered.

This product may get too hot to touch under heavy loads

Operating this product outside of the recommended operating voltages can cause permanent damage.  

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