Power Distribution Boards

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Have you always struggled to solder 2, 3 or even 4 big power wires together to run power to all your ESCs? We've got a solution for you, introducing the Rectified Robotics power distribution boards. We've developed two circuit boards (Red and Black) to break out your power connections from your battery to your ESCs.



  • Two Separate boards for Positive and Negative
  • Red PCB for Positive Leads
  • Black PCB for Negative Leads
  • 3 ESC wire pads and 1 battery wire pad on each board
  • 0.430" x 0.394" (11mm x 10mm) per board


XT30 and XT60 options come with just connectors, only JST connectors come with wire pigtails


WARNING: Soldering battery terminals incorrectly can lead to shorting of your battery and cause permanent battery damage and potentially battery fire. Make sure your wiring is correct before you plug in your battery. Isolate bare connections with heat shrink or electrical tape.

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