PWM Signal Isolator

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The Rectified Robotics PWM Signal Isolator is a 5V logic level optocoupler board used to galvanically isolate a PWM signal. This is designed to go in-between your radio receiver and ESC. It will electrically isolate the signal between receiver and ESC allowing special wiring configurations. Where it was previously impossible to split a 6s battery into 2 3s batteries for drive ESCs and 6s directly to a weapon ESC. It is possible to have one drive ESC on a lower set of 3 cells and the other drive side on the upper 3 cells of a 6s battery without worrying about ground loops. 

In addition to allowing for splitting battery cells between multiple ESCs, the Rectified Robotics PWM Signal Isolator can protect your receiver by blocking any power that would otherwise be injected back into the receiver and ultimately other ESCs during an ESC failure. There is nothing more frustrating than destroying all of your electronics because an ESC sends battery power back up the PWM signal line.


The Rectified Robotics PWM Signal Isolator is powered from your receiver and generates a floating 5V supply for the isolated PWM signal side. 


  • Galvanically isolated input and output
  • Power status Led
  • Supports Standard RC Servo 5V input/output
  • Small size 0.669" x 0.531" x 0.394" (17mm x 13.5mm x 10mm)