22mm Motor Breakout Board

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We've created a simple breakout board that installs to the back of our 22mm brushed motors to simplify wiring and increase motor life. The motor leads are encased in plastic that can melt when soldered too many times or soldered with too high of a temperature. The Rectified Robotics Motor Breakout Bread is designed to make soldering wires to your motors easier and more reliable. 

 The breakout board can fit up to 18AWG wire, soldering from either direction for convenience.

We left an empty pad on the breakout board for installing a filter cap if your ESC requires a filter cap to function properly.  Pad size 0603 (recommended value 1000pF-100nF)

This product is only intended to work with Rectified Robotics 22mm Motors. This may not fit correctly on other brands.