Rectified Robotics Brushless Planetary Gearmotor

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The Rectified Robotics Brushless Planetary Gearmotor is a ready to run solution to brushless drive in 3lb combat robotics. We've taken the hassle of brushless conversion and made it a new standard in performance and cost of entry.

Brushless Planetary 3D Model


- 1806 2300kv Brushless Motor

- 2s-4s Rated 

- 22:1 All Metal Planetary Gearbox

- 4mm Output Shaft with Flat

- 38g Gearbox (60g overall weight)


Battle Hardening Recommendations:

It is recommended that you use red Loctite on the screws to secure the brushless motor to the adapter plate for maximum battle hardening. For Loctite to be effective you MUST wait the recommended cure time for it to set. Battle harden the motors the night before the event, not during the event!

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